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Mac Pro Design Cont.



Mac Mini & Gloss Keyboard

Here is a render I have thrown together, modeling the new LED Cinema Display with a new design for the Mac Mini, which I’m pretty sure is close to an update soon. Going with the ‘Gloss’ theme that Apple seems to be applying to all of their new products, I’m almost certain this is how the mini should turn out. The new keyboard was based on the Black keys, also being applied to all new MacBook’s and MacBook Pro’s.


MacBook Pro Designs

Now that Apple have released the new MacBook Pro, I can reveal it that I designed and ‘leaked’ a fake design which I think was pretty accurate. The designs were posted on as a supposed official Apple image.

Here are the designs:



iPod Nano Touch Designs

This was a brief design I threw together to try and combat the idea of the new 4G iPod Nano’s prior to their release. I wanted a smaller multi-touch interface, similar to the iPod touch but on a smaller scale. This would allow room for higher quality video on a smaller device and also a much greater GUI. As smart as the 4G Nano’s are, I dont think its anything revolutionary; Apple needs to step up the technology!

iPhone Render

I decided to test my C4D skills by trying to re-create the iPhone.

I have been trying for a while to get the ‘Aqua’ style reflection without adding it after in Photoshop, and at last I think I have found the combination for doing so. Here is a preview of what I have done so far, updates will follow. If you wish for me to post a tutorial on how I achieved these results, or any questions for that matter; do comment below.

iPhone C4D Video Render

Apple Speakers

The Apple speaker system was a huge success, although some will want a better stereo image. I was asked on the Aqua Soft forums if I could create a new design for these speakers; These are the satellite speakers and I will include a subwoofer which I am currently designing:

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