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Mac Touch


mactouch2click to view HD image

This idea came to me on a train journey home. As multi-touch is made more and more accessible, it would only make sense to have a desktop counter-part to the tablet ‘TouchBook’ I have previously designed. Originally I was going to go for a similar design to the new cinema displays or the iMac when I realized how much strain on your arms it would eventually cause pointing upwards at a screen. Of course on the opposite end, having a screen flat on a desk would also cause neck problems, so I came up with a more ergonomic design. This ‘Mac Touch’ is the first design I came up with, a screen at a 45 degree angle, with multi-touch input. At this angle, adding a keyboard and mouse would also be possible if needed for other use, but for standard multi-touch applications this design seemed most sensible and stylish.

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MacBook Pro Designs

Now that Apple have released the new MacBook Pro, I can reveal it that I designed and ‘leaked’ a fake design which I think was pretty accurate. The designs were posted on as a supposed official Apple image.

Here are the designs:



iPod Nano Touch Designs

This was a brief design I threw together to try and combat the idea of the new 4G iPod Nano’s prior to their release. I wanted a smaller multi-touch interface, similar to the iPod touch but on a smaller scale. This would allow room for higher quality video on a smaller device and also a much greater GUI. As smart as the 4G Nano’s are, I dont think its anything revolutionary; Apple needs to step up the technology!

iPhone Render

I decided to test my C4D skills by trying to re-create the iPhone.

I have been trying for a while to get the ‘Aqua’ style reflection without adding it after in Photoshop, and at last I think I have found the combination for doing so. Here is a preview of what I have done so far, updates will follow. If you wish for me to post a tutorial on how I achieved these results, or any questions for that matter; do comment below.

iPhone C4D Video Render

Apple Speakers

The Apple speaker system was a huge success, although some will want a better stereo image. I was asked on the Aqua Soft forums if I could create a new design for these speakers; These are the satellite speakers and I will include a subwoofer which I am currently designing:

TouchBook Designs

Here are a couple of designs I threw together for the inevitable ‘TouchBook’ which will hopefully be released by Apple in the not too distant future:


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